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Suicide ► Nordstrom 1200 Broadway Plaza Walnut Creek, CA 94596

Suicide: Unknown Female late 20s 
When: January 24th 2013 
Where: Nordstrom's Cafe 1200 Broadway Plaza  Walnut Creek, CA 94596

Walnut Creek CA: This incident is somewhat personal given this exact intersection as most mornings I get my coffee /donuts at the Walnut Creek Safeway which last June I filed a Police Report with Walnut Creek Police Department in regards to Hillside Covenant Church's youth director who tried to run me over just days before my Butte County Court hearing.

In 2011 after the Farmers Market Assault via Lt. Gorski that the report was denied and that I could basically pound sand.  That's what Officer Rabonowitz stated after the  Walnut Creek Farmers Market incident (Oct 2011) leading to SF Police Officer on the heels of the Lafayette Police telling me that my hit and run accident was unfortunate and tough luck just like San Ramon Fire Protection District back peddling on my 2004 Arson fire and if anyone thinks the Piedmont Fire was an accident you simply F___ing dreaming.

The suspect based on other fires I've mapped out is using the Contra Costa Canal Trails managed by East Bay Park Police.  If you take the time you find fires, incidents and deaths all along the trails but with a little more work e.g. digging through the comments - that's where the real story can lie.  

Update: January 28th 2013 

The woman Jessica Almaraz 29 jumped from the cafe area.  Via persons near the event this young woman was having lunch with someone - they separated and she jumped.  She was not alone but sadly this could that emotional quarrel of self-destruction that could or couldn't been avoided.  We cannot build fences a million miles high across every bridge but we can be prepared.  I am sure that Nordstrom's being the smart company they are will improve the cafe.  They should give their restaurant employees special time for grief as over the next few weeks they should be given as much slack as they need.  Seeing live face vanish is no easy task. 

The same would go for Starbucks at Duncan where Anthony Banta Jr. once worked or the North Main at Treat Starbucks where CHP Officer Kenyon stopped often for Starbucks Coffee.  Few know this but my stalkers which have followed me throughout Walnut Creek recorded me one night but they also captured Youngstrom when this cute gal was my instant friend.  She said she was laid off from Stead Mercedes but worked in a customer facing position.  

About a month later Youngstrom sat down next to me with his partner where I shared my research data about hit and runs involving the homeless.  We also chatted about Carole Davis found on 680 just north of Hwy 4 whose body we came upon just north of Pacheco Blvd after a gig in Martinez.   Her body was located just beyond the crest and but we never saw another vehicle.  One afternoon they sat next to me so I attempted to glean a few snippets on the Davis fatality but Youngstrom's partner shut me down.  Officer Youngstrom in our brief 15 minute coffee break seemed to be a really nice guy.  

The employees there lived through the pain as they saw him almost daily. Of course we could talk about David Schafer who was found deceased on WB 24 on August 3rd 2012 about 20 minutes after I got done singing at Round Up, the same destination where on July 20th 2011 was pushed into oncoming and that suspect lives close enough to Pleasant Hill Elementary to have placed a device that triggered a response from the Just In Time Bomb  Squad we found another one.  Sorry those calls are really starting to look dubious and self -serving.  

For me this suicide was unnerving as that's my exact route every morning as B and D Towing yanked my car and like all good Contra Costa really didn't care about my loss - he was quite gleeful at my misfortune, just like all the town councils - they basically want nothing more than Christmas Trinket Chasers pursuing items to idolize between the day they were born and the day they die.  


I've got actual pictures of stalkers but it's clear no one wants to see them so I sent them to the FBI as after 2011 incident where my car was totaled after speaking to Walnut Creek Law Enforcement with the heavy news that my former clients in Danville, Pittsburg and San Ramon all suffered fatal events so asking them was out of the question.  

This video taken down the street at WholeFoods February 2012  but another clip not posted we talked about his friend Todd C. who was run over at Traders Joe's a week earlier.  This man was just released from Kaisers assisted living facility from being hit on July 10th 2011.  

Nixle Notice

Advisory: Suicide in downtown Walnut Creek. WCPD case 13-2535
Hi Pete Bennett,
On 1/24/13 at 1:51pm, the Walnut Creek Police Department received a report that a subject had jumped off the roof at Broadway Plaza, landing near the sidewalk of South Broadway and Mt Diablo Blvd.

The subject was a female in her late 20’s and was pronounced deceased at the scene. Witnesses and the subsequent investigation revealed the subject was by herself when she intentionally jumped off the third floor balcony.

The subject’s identity is being withheld pending notification by the CCC Coroner’s office. The suicide resulted in nearby roads being closed. All roads were reopened at 1513 hours. For full details, view this message on the web.


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