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Anthony Banta Jr. Walnut Creek sued $15 million lawsuit Pete Bennett screwed out of millions

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 06/13/2013

Reposted to Protect My Sons
Starbucks Walnut Creek 
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To the family bringing litigation against the City of Walnut Creek 

First I am sorry for the loss but for me this is personal as is it not the first time

I knew Anthony from Starbucks Walnut Creek which happened to one of my street music locations but I stopped playing after getting a truly bullshit ticket from a Walnut Creek cop that's been fired.  I supposed I'd like them to know that I spoke Margo G. and like me she doesn't believe you.

Many of the Starbucks employees knowing my situation often slipped me a few refills including Anthony - thanks Mr. Starbucks.  He was always polite but reflected the personalities his work associates.

Beyond serving coffee he'd sometimes listen to me play.  I didn't make the connection until for several days until returning after spending many personally difficult days in the cold.  Few in the city give a damn about anything but their damn Police Officers Association or expanding Neiman-Marcus.

I was so upset during I spent nights outside in sub-freezing weather with no gear as my 2001 Ford Explorer Towed off from the same parking garage about a week earlier.  

Anthony was a nice kid who probably lacked the skills to deal with intruders but certainly he wasn't trained to deal with armed police.  My story is much different as I've endured in Danville, Pittsburg and Walnut Creek more than once.   The foundation of the 5150 article stems from what Walnut Creek Officers pulled on me in 2011 then I wrote the hallucination article after learning about the homeless men being run over again and again, their actions didn't make sense and I'd already seen one body on the Freeway that was probably alive watching us play music.  It is possible that someone is providing food that is laced with drugs knowing that toxicology tests would not be done with certain deaths.

The night I appeared at the Contra Costa Council of Mayors David Schafer the bouncer at Round Up was killed.  David would chat with me between songs but his accident occurred just up the street from my hit and run.  They are all over the county - just look around.

One common conclusion of Contra Costa County Coroners Inquests are:

  • he/she were unstable, 
  • Was on drugs or had adverse drug reactions.  
  • Having emotional problems.  
  • Was high on this or that 
  • Was running from police
The article was tactical as it's common tactical move used in fatal police shootings derived from being one of their targets I know what to say.  My attorney was beaten in Walnut Creek which was how they defeated my litigation where my litigation would have exposed CNET in 2005. 

August 5th 2011 - Me standing alone up against three of Walnut Creek Police who fabricated allegations - i repeated fabricated, again repeating myself fabricating.  

While napping on the grassy knoll just north of the Walnut Creek Library shortly after waking up I'm facing a Captain, Sergeant and Detective perfecting baseless allegations comedy show directed at a homeless man with a backpack.

November 1st 2011 - See me live on Walnut Creek City Council Meetings 

Three weeks after this meeting three people near the CNET scandal were killed

  • Between June 26th and July 7th I spoke with the following public officials 
    • Contra Costa County DA Daryl Jackson 
    • Chief of Walnut Creek Police Brdyen who told me to call Jackson but said he was the FBI contact in regards to CNET 
    • Danville Councilman Newell Arnerich - witnessed by a Danville
    • A Mormon from Alamo 1st Danville 
Since then I lost my apartment, a contract with PGE worth about $200,000 - gone, my car was totaled, my laptop breached by persons associated with Hillside Covenant Church Walnut Creek who took my car and laptop on July 7th the day I was arrested by the CHP. 

Coroners Office Investigations - 

2009-Timothy Mitchell Antioch CA 
2011-Josh Peterson Antioch CA
2000-Antoine Watts Walnut Creek CA 
1988-Cynthia Kempf Pittsburg CA  

Way back in 1992 there was a distraught Father who as the story goes was a murder suicide but Antioch couched it the "Dad did it" but neighbors say APD ripped up carpet and sheet rock before the Coroner's inquest.  The stories I've heard at street level differ from the official stories.  

There is despondent man that was taken out by a sharpshooter in Pleasant Hill where they brought in the Calvary where they showed up an Armored Personal Carrier (APC) but there are plenty of incidents.  These cowboys needed to test the toy that was stored at CNET HQ within the Pleasant Hill Police Compound - the same place that commander Wielsch towed a Ford Mustang 5.0 Turbo which he was going to sell to Butler.  They almost got the car .... more later once I find the fraud victim as he seems to be gone.   

What typically surfaces is a reports of prior negative contact suggesting suicide, unstable personality, on drugs or combative.  They typically insert that into to the record and they magically have prior events tucked in a file.

Towed and screwed but buried in bills and debts from losing my offices, servers, house, coin collection and nearly being killed in the County Jail - not a single investigation but I've no question more than five attempts on my life since meeting Chris Butler.   

Just days before that shooting my Ford Explorer Towed Away the very same garage where Starbucks is  located and perhaps someone could call City Manager Nordoff on my behalf?  I was arrested again and let go in Oroville without gear and walked down Montgomery Street where I was mugged by five Juveniles and two adults but one was an off duty cop at 1 AM - apparently standing on public right of way means you can be targeted.

Someone in this department is linked my July 20th 2011 Hit and Run but no one paid any attention to an attempted murder.

Pay attention the Red Ford explorer as it who it came from will lead a local judge, an attorney and persons connected to the CNET scandal.


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