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Mormons and My Truck Fire

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch 
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Posted: 06/13/2013

Reposted to Protect My Sons

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If you're a Mormon from Danville you should call the Danville Stake President and ask questions.

I've sent emails to the Danville Stake - in 2004 my F-250 truck blew up on 680 but the troubling part is the Alamo First Members know more than they are telling as one of their own is a mechanic that works in Lafayette.   Parallel to this is years later I'm selected to work on the San Bruno Fire Hydrotest project.

There are so many little events that nothing makes sense but somehow my truck erupts in flames while the agencies assigned to protect my life and safety can't find any record of the fire.  Perhaps someone should ask San Ramon Fire Protection District a few tough questions.

There are other suicides and suspicious incidents going back decades.  I've learned about other deaths - like the wife commits suicide in a San Ramon Hotel - I've emailed my position to San Ramon Fire and they want o hide their problems so they can get raises or they don't get it.

I tried convincing Contra Costa County Regional Medical Center that I was poisoning victim but they simply wouldn't hear it.  The other tangent is the current response from Alamo 1st Mormons where the former Bishop bumped into me at the Walnut Creek Habit.  I said Paul - you know those cops arrested well it's the same ones that attacked me.  Hey Pete I'm with work friends - call me later.  I have been Paul and now I'm looking articles with three dead bodies in a car 4.5 miles from where my sons live.

Arson Murder - Magalia / Paradise CA

Other Bacterial Victims
Supervisor Glover
Pete Bennett
Phil my former coworker at a Mormon owned business
Alamo Teenager:  - Girl around 13 died around 2002.  Mom was local friend who shared the "sisters" and Mormons were trying real hard to postulate them into the church.  That's how the got my ex-wife when the father died - the nipple of the mormon church was extended to them.

Councilman Mike Shimansky

Candidate for Office of Tax Assessor: Ross Butler divorce broke out just as he filed papers for Tax Assessor 

Michael McNulty commits suicide by driving 500 miles to Humbolt - but wait there is more. 

Mr. McNulty is the nephew of a state senator Richard Rainey/ Sheriff Rainey and Former Mayor Sue McNulty Rainey 

Then Michael Chavez keels over in Session, Candidate Eric Nunn crashes into a mountain 

Then John Kelly former BART officer commits suicide after becoming a whistle-blower while working for the Department of Election now we learn that Steve Wier predecessor died in office similar to what happened with Gus Kramer.

Kramer, Wier, Glover, Shimansky, Chavez and guess who was lobbying very hard about corruption in the county- he's dead as well Ernie Scheerer down in Pleasanton.  

Then over 25 years later I learn the same Mormons defending Seeno are members of my former Ward? They also control or influence the same Contra Costa Bar who told me no one was interested in my case.  

If you want another one - the person who lost property to Peter Branagh in 2009 provided his house to a Movie Making group where I attended.  At the end the session there were two members from Contra Costa County law enforcement in the room - one was a CCSO Criminalist who appeared in the Contra Costa Times the I believe is related to Gary Collins. 

So why am I sitting in a room with two cops connected to Iron Workers who have attacked, that live across the street from the retired SF Cop that ran me off the road in 2011. 

The name of the club is 


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