Saturday, March 9, 2013

Watch This: This almost happened to me on 680

Date: Mid-August 2004
Location: Northbound 680
Responding Agencies: San Ramon Fire and California Highway Patrol
Event: Arson Fire of F-250 Truck where mechanic said he was right behind me.  The owner is a Mormon from Alamo 1st who repaired the truck.  He's got Pete Amnesia, can't remember the fire, can't remember the name of the mechanic, can't remember anything and wasn't too interested in hearing about my sons or the fire.  The sad part is my ex-wife who has custody knows about this fire and she knows everyone at the this ward.

Alamo 1st Ward Bishop's Office 
2949 Stone Valley Rd. A
Alamo CA


Suspect: Mechanic
Gregs Muffler
Address: 3329 Mt Diablo Blvd, Lafayette, CA 94549
Phone:(925) 283-0323
This mechanic stated he was behind my truck and witnessed flames shooting back over 100 feet, he watched firetrucks arrive, he saw CHP who didn't think it was arson - even though flames were shooting back over 100's feet it wasn't good enough, then I thought I was lucky, now I'm screaming foul as weeks later 

Danville Building Inspector Attacks and nearly kills resident - you didn't know about it did you

Apparently Mr. Collins had dual jobs and worked across the street?  At Greg's muffler, Greg is a Danville Mormon, he can't remember the mechanics name, nor can he say much about Gary Collins.  I'm sure that Collins attended PHE, knows Lynds, knows the mechanic, knows Greg, and they all know the Danville Town Council, many live walking distance to Tanabe's house who knows officer Jason Nunn, who's brother was killed with BART Officer Craig Wilson who knows several other now deceased BART officers, who know me, and they seem to know people near the Piedmont Lumber Family, they know investigators on the Vitale case, who lived down the road from Wild Wood Acres where this Photographer person is as suspect in my July 20th 2011 hit and run who happens to be friends with members of the Danville Council whose peer died from a bacterial infection which nearly killed me in 2005.

We all know Tanabe, and Butler walked into my house days after the 2004 Danville assault connected to the Danville mom spent 100K fighting charges from Hayward that she had attempted to hire a hit man, whose husband won one of the few large jury awards but one of the deceased BART officers was about to come forward as a whistle blower in his new job at an important agency.

RICO - the best part about operating alone - is it only takes two to make a RICO Conspiracy
10 Cardozo L. Rev. 2167 (1988-1989) When Will the Idling Statute of Limitations Start Running in Rico Conspiracy Cases; Jancko-Baken, Ellen

Also, violations of state law which constitute “racketeering activity” under the federal RICO Act must be punishable by imprisonment for more than one year.  The offenses falling under this category include murder, kidnapping, gambling, arson, robbery, bribery, extortion, dealing in obscene matter, and dealing in narcotic or other dangerous drugs[ii].  Courts have held that the list of state law crimes that can constitute “racketeering activity” under RICO is exclusive[iii].


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